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Postpartum Abdominal Massage

A blessed and blissed womb When you have given birth your...

A blessed and blissed womb

When you have given birth your body and belly have changed from how it was before you were pregnant. Sometimes women tell me their belly feels very empty once their baby is born. Consequently there may be discomfort in the abdominal area and healing needs to be done. Both emotional and physical healing of the womb supports your recovery on a very deep level.

Abdominal Massage Therapy can work wonders in the transition of motherhood, as it is balances both the mind and body. The treatments will help to get in touch with your body so it’s easier to adjust to the immense changes in your new life. A consultation of 2 hours and will leave you absolutely blissed out.

Physical advantages of postpartum belly massage

🌀 helps your organs back to pre-pregnancy location
🌀 guides your uterus to her pre-pregnancy size & place
🌀 eases bowel movements
🌀 supports energy circulation
🌀 brings blood flow to abdomen
🌀 promotes lymphe drainage
🌀 heals c-section scar tissue
🌀 tones abdominal muscles
🌀 lessens diastasis recti
🌀 warming nurturing oils help heal the skin
🌀 self massage instructions to support yourself

Deep connection with yourself

Apart from the multiple advantages for physical healing massage of your abdomen brings you balance and nourishment. Belly massage reconnects you with your womb and helps release stored emotions, particularly after a traumatic birth. As the abdomen is a sensitive area in the body, the warm and gentle touch of your now empty belly is deeply nurturing and soothing.

Abdominal Massage and Belly Binding

Mothers who book themselves massages for their womb space often love to combine this with bengkung belly binding. The belly binds protects the sensitive abdomen and it keeps the warmth in. These 2 modalities complement each other perfectly. You can read more about Bengkung Belly Binding here.

Abdominal Massage and Vaginal Steaming

Another great combo is to have a vaginal steambath before receiving an abdominal massage. Vaginal Steaming is a beautiful custom to support the healing of the vagina, perineum and rectum after giving birth. Steaming of the vaginal area is traditionally performed in many cultures all over the world because it supports women during the 4th trimester. Please read all about the magic of vaginal steaming in my Blog.

It is possible to mix and match all our services!

We are happy to be of support to make your postpartum blissful!

Fotografie: Emma Brasser

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