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Since I can remember I am touched by sound, tunes and...

Since I can remember I am touched by sound, tunes and music. My mother used to play the piano and she sang a lot when she was young. She wanted her children to play instruments as well, but the only thing I wanted to do was sing along with my favorite music. I locked myself up in my room and sang along with ABBA. My recorder flute was my microphone 😉 I loved all kinds of music growing up, both classical and rock music.

These days I am more into sound instruments. I love my shamanic drum, my koshi bells and my Tibetan and chrystal bowls.

Singing Bowl

Over the last 10 years I have been collecting sound instruments to use in the practice. The Tibetan bowls were the first to enter my space. Chrystal bowls are a lot more delicate and expensive, so it took a bit more time to invest in those. One in particular spoke to me soooo much for a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s connected to the sacral chakra and womb area in the body: SWADHISTHANA.
This area is where our sexual and reproductive energy houses, where ideas are sprouted, where new life begins. It’s about the ability to truly feel, dare to express emotions and enjoy everything in life. This chakra is connected to the water element. Women’s bodies consist of 55-60% water, being transported through our body and constantly on the move and changing. We need this constant change to grow and blossom. A good functioning sacral chakra means you are home in your body. You know which direction you like to take, you effortlessly feel and express your emotions, you experience healthy sexuality. You could say you feel great in your skin!

Orange is the new…

Secondly, the color is ORANGE! Orange stands for happiness, light and being open to emotions and embracing them. It’s a comforting, nourishing color. Gentle Beginnings also has much orange in the previous website, so it matched my intention.
Then the SOUND… Well it’s hard to write about a sound, best is to experience it. But I can tell you, it is soothing, warming, moving, touching.

Using sound in a session

This month I started a Sound Therapy Training designed and hosted by the great Stacey Griffin founder of Shift Meditation! My longing for using sound in a therapeutic or healing session is finally happening. I am at the beginning of exploring my skills and intentions, but I have so much confidence these sound instruments will complement a treatment. Planning to work with my orange chrystal singing bowl especially for womb and pelvic massages.

Stay tuned for much more on sound!

Fotografie: Emma Brasser

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